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The Sessions

First session

For new clients I start with the Initial Consultation: I will ask you why you have come and what you want to get from Massage Therapy so that the sessions are tailored to your needs.  I will ask you basic information about your health and well-being and I will explain the process of the treatments and give you your massage therapy treatment. 

If you decide that True Massage Therapy is for you, and we both feel that we can work together, I recommend starting with 8 'Connection Foundation' sessions. 

Connection Foundation sessions

After the initial consultation a block of 8 weekly sessions are booked to begin & establish the therapeutic process. I call this the 'connection foundation'.

My aim is to support you to make your own changes and connections, gradually, in your own time, giving you the chance to connect with your true self. In order for this approach to be fully effective it needs to be delivered consistently and with repetition.

These 8 weekly sessions allow you to:

a: learn the basics of 'accepting a treatment'
b: learn how to choose the right treatment for you
c: improve body connection & awareness

These sessions are booked weekly for 8 consecutive weeks where possible. 

Mini Connection Foundation Block is recommended for clients who haven't been for any sessions in the past year.

Currently appointments are available on Thursday & Friday daytimes for Connection Foundation sessions.


Mini Connection Foundation Block

3 sessions in 3 weeks - suitable for clients who want to get back into having a regular massage - a great start to monthly massages.


All sessions

I will ask you how you want to feel & move at the end of the session. 

I will ask you these things every time you come for an appointment.

I will support you, I will teach you how to listen to yourself, I will let you take your time, I will be patient and I will make you Bach Flower Remedies when you need them to help you on your journey.  I won’t decide for you though. I will guide when you need it. 

True Massage Therapy asks you to own your own feelings, thoughts and needs. To say what you want. What is true for you.

And I will be delighted for you.

Design your own massage:

I will then ask you to design your own massage.  The depth, the speed, the levels of time and attention to specific areas of your body.  At first, this will be a bit of a guessing game, over the sessions you will be learning about you and your body and what you need.  Over time you will become clearer and clearer about what you want. 

You may want the same every session – and that is fine.  Just say.  In the saying you are affirming again and again what you want.

It may be different every time – and that is fine.  Just say.  You are affirming your changing needs.

You are gently learning about yourself and empowering yourself over time.

What you and your body do with the massage is up to you and is what you will ultimately receive.

At the end of a session I will ask you to walk around and let me know what you now feel.  Do you feel the way you wanted to?  Have you got your outcomes? If so, what are you aware of?  If not, what have you got instead…this is what your body/mind really needs.

And now you have a new awareness, an improved connection, you have given yourself time to receive… And then the magic happens… the magic is you becoming the most you, you can be, session by session.  Finding your true self and healing your own body.

Prices and appointment times:

Initial Consultation:

New clients book to have an introductory session to see if True Massage Therapy is the right therapy for them. 

90 minute session £70

120 minute session £90

Any recommended Bach Flower Remedies are complimentary as part of the Initial Consultation.


Connection Foundation Sessions:

Connection Foundation Sessions are paid for in advance - you pay for 7 sessions and receive the 8th for free.  

You can pay in one installment or two:

Pay for: 7 x 60min session = £350 or £175 x 2 = receive 8 sessions
Pay for: 7 x 90min session = £490 or £245 x 2 = receive 8 sessions

Once the Initial Consultation and 8 week Connection Foundation sessions are completed clients can either book one off sessions as required, arrange regular monthly or twice monthly treatments or book 'Connection Development' blocks. This is dependent on each individual clients needs.

Any recommended Bach Flower Remedies are complimentary as part of the Connection Foundation sessions.

Past Clients: Connection Foundation sessions are also recommended for clients who haven't been for sessions for a year or more.


One off appointments (available to clients who have completed an initial consultation & 8 week Connection Foundation):

60 minute session - £50

90 minute session - £70

(Regular clients who have appointments once a month or more pay a reduced rate)


Bach Flower Remedies - £3



Current available appointments are on:

Thursdays between 9am - 6:30pm

Fridays between 9am - 5pm

Two Saturday's per month between 9am - 5pm

Please note: evening appointments are booked up for the year, so unfortunately, I don't have space for new clients who can only come after 5:30pm. New Thursday & Friday daytime clients are very welcome to contact me for available appointments. 

Read testimonials from a wide selection of clients here.


What my clients say

I was making myself physically ill with worry. The doctors told me I needed to stop "stressing" but instead of stating the obvious, Victoria helped me believe in myself. Without Victoria's help I know I would still be ill, feeling I was never good enough. I feel I have made a real break-through and I can live my life instead of being scared of it. I can deal with issues and problems a lot more efficiently and I am ready for the next challenge that lies ahead.

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