Practising Happiness

Practising Happiness

I've been remembering a conversation with a friend whilst I was visiting her this time last year.

I asked her why she had regular massages... and she said: 

"I'm practising happiness"

She went on to say that each time she had a massage she felt more connected to herself and fundamentally happier in her own skin.

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You can't pour from and empty cup

Getting stuck in a pattern of giving or being busy without replenishing yourself, is depleting. 

And it leads to ill health, physically and mentally.

I believe that to be able to give, usefully give, each of us needs to take care of ourselves first.

Take Care.

Care of yourself.

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How to choose the right depth of treatment for you...

I believe that the body holds tensions and experiences in different layers of the tissues. 

Some things are held in the surface layers, some a little way down, some very deeply.  Depending on which layers you need to release on the day of your session will change the depth of the massage that is best for you.

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What my clients say

I feel that Victoria the one person that listens to all of me, not just my voice, I know she understands me better than I do myself, and actually cares, completely, and consistently.

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