I was going through IVF treatment and had been recommended to have some reflexology which is how I first came to find Victoria.  There was something about the sincerity and helpfulness of her reply to my first tentative email that immediately reassured me that I would be in good hands – literally!

If you just want the same massage every time – this isn’t for you!  It’s about connecting with yourself and enabling yourself to truly heal which is a process I still feel I am only learning.  The key difference between this and other massages I have had is that you are involved in the healing process.  It is not being 'done unto you'.  My sessions are absolutely tailored to how I feel at the present moment, what I need and what I want, both physically and emotionally. 

At first I found it difficult to express what I wanted but Victoria is both astute and adept at enabling me to voice how I am feeling without judgement.  I have learnt that – for me - the only 'judgement' comes from within and once I let go of my inner critic, I am able to listen to my body as well as my mind.  This has led to some powerful treatments and equally powerful realizations about myself and not only helped me to deal with the challenges of IVF but has empowered me in other areas of my life.  Unexpectedly, I have found myself processing events & experiences that I thought long gone and understanding how they have impacted on how I interact with the world today. 

Above all, the treatments have enabled me to begin the process of learning to acknowledge my inner voice and give myself permission to be happy, sad, angry - or whatever I happen to feel.  I even managed to persuade my husband to go, as he has had a lot of physical trauma & sports injuries with numerous broken bones and a lot of surgery and although he was a bit dubious and reluctant at first, he is now acknowledging that massage therapy is bringing him genuine and lasting pain relief.  The difference in his mobility over 6 months has been really noticeable which has had a really positive impact on both our lives and he has even been heard to say "I’m ready for a massage!"  Being a typical 'bloke' he doesn’t go in for talking much, which just goes to show how the treatments are tailored to the person.

Short answer: I go in, talk about how I feel today, communicate what I need , have treatment , leave feeling better!  : )  What’s not to love?

Even shorter answer: If you can say what you need – you’ll get it!

Every treatment is different because they are so focused on how one feels today.  This means that I always leave feeling that I have gained or discovered something different. I always leave feeling reassured, uplifted and enlightened. I feel much more in tune with myself and at ease with the world and that’s a great feeling! Essentially, I know it’s good for me!

I really look forward to my treatments as I know that whatever has happened in the interim, this is a space where I can just 'be'.  I can reflect on things that have happened in everyday life or just process them during the treatment.  Equally, I can just relax and zone out for an hour.  I have laughed, cried and probably fallen asleep, but above all it’s a space where I feel a tremendous sense of peace.  I walk in and the world falls away from my shoulders. 

I recommend these treatments to everyone I know, be it for the physical or emotional benefits, or as in my case, both.  Understanding myself more clearly has helped me understand others which is a brilliant way to iron out the conflicts of everyday life, however big or small they might be.  Understanding my body more clearly has made me listen more carefully to the warning signs and act on them.  As a result, I have been much healthier generally since having regular treatments.  My friends have all noticed the difference in me over the last 18 months despite the fact that life has been quite challenging.  Victoria is skilled at recognizing the superficial issues and is amazing at encouraging you to get to the crux of things in a gentle, caring and sometimes humorous way.  Everyone deserves to be kind to themselves and the treatments really give one a sense of comfort and reassurance.

I can’t believe what a difference this has made to my life and wish I’d discovered it years ago!  Thank you!

Female 44


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