About Victoria

I have been a masseuse for 20 years. I love my work. I take my work and my clients very seriously, though laughter and humour are also a really key part of the work, treatments are for the joy of them just as much as for personal growth!

I don’t do beauty massage.

I don’t do sports massage or treatments that hurt as I believe bodies heal and repair and release when they are safe and nurtured and respected. 

I don’t do passive massage (client says “just do what you think, you know best”). 

I don’t heal people. I don’t fix anyone and I am not a psychotherapist or a counsellor or a healer... I believe that bodies heal themselves...given the right environment and space and time and TOUCH.

What I do is use the wonder of touch, the magical, deeply honest connection that happens when one person receives safe, honest and confident massage touch from a practitioner who respects their individuality. I combine the massage with the power of Transactional Analysis communication principles to create Massage + Therapy. 

My aim is to empower each client to clearly express their needs.

That is what I do.  I ask you to be honest.  I ask you to say what you want and be true to yourself which is why I call it True Massage Therapy.


Practitioner Development

Because I have always believed that the mind and the body needed to be treated together in massage I have gone on many courses over the past 20 years, trained all over the country and invested thousands of pounds in my training and personal development.

I have often been disappointed in the massage training available.

However, over the past 5 years I trained intensively with the NO HANDS® Massage Company.  NO HANDS® massage is a powerful yet gently effective massage treatment which uses the wider surfaces of the arms to deliver a bigger, more comprehensive massage treatment than just using the hands can offer (or so I think after receiving and giving hundreds of treatments!) and their Mastery Training is the advanced development of bringing Transactional Analysis (TA) communication into the treatments.

After intensive training I passed their Master Assessment in April 2015 - probably the most intensive massage examination in the world -  meaning that I am qualified as a Master Therapist able to offer the unique formulae of Massage & Therapy.  I have dedicated a minimum of 12 intensive days training per year over the past 5 years to make sure that I treat clients with the utmost skill and safety. 

This year I am taking a year off from massage training and really focussing on working with clients in this therapeutic way. I am also going on a journey of dance. This is something very much for me, part of my self care.

Treatments with me are blend of all the things I have learnt over the years. I am trained in pregnancy massage, reflexology, EFT & kinesiology techniques and may use these in sessions as needed and/or teach you to use them for yourself between sessions.

I have also done a lot of work on myself including traditional talking therapy; reading, thinking, discussing and reflecting on my own journey in life. I have regular massages for me - vital to my life, my sense of self and my work.

I am very influenced by Louise Hay who believes in the power of our thoughts and words to change the way each of us think, feel and engage with the world.  I use her teachings in my work and in my daily life and in my True Massage Therapy sessions. 

Bach Flower Remedies are an important part of my life and work as they support the body to come back into its own sense of balance. I may suggest remedies for you and I'll make them for you on the day so that you can take them away with you.

I hope that you enjoy reading through the website and take some time to read what clients say - because they are the ones who really know what it's all about.

Victoria x


What my clients say

I have laughed, cried and probably fallen asleep, but above all it’s a space where I feel a tremendous sense of peace.  I walk in and the world falls away from my shoulders

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