True Massage Therapy

After years of working with clients and them saying to me over and over again…”I want my friend/relation/work collegue/husband/wife to see someone who does what you do, how would you describe it?” this website is dedicated to decribing in the best way I can the way I work and why I work like that.

I know that what I do is different and draws upon many traditions in massage.  But it isn’t just massage. It uses the principles of Eric Berne's Transactional Analysis communication + massage and so it is transformative. It treats the mind and the body together. The way I work is what I now call: True Massage Therapy. Massage that is true for you, session by session.

True Massage Therapy brings together the power of Transactional Analysis communication principles and massage touch, creating Massage Therapy which is suitable for clients who know they need something to help them make changes but who don't want to have traditional talking therapy. I also utilise positive thinking techniques, mindfulness & Bach Flower Remedies to support you in your sessions and between them.

Through True Massage Therapy...

Clients begin to feel more comfortable in their own bodies & in themselves.

Clients make changes. 

Clients connect to themselves.

Clients heal and feel better.

Clients start to understand their bodies when things hurt and go wrong.

Clients face their own stuff and make decisions with their gut instinct and their true selves.


Some times clients may struggle to say what they want.  I am patient.  I guide and I respect the time it takes.  I will wait to hear the answers. Their truth.

Clients learn to really say what they want and then receive it.  This begins to be reflected outside the treatment room.

Clients start to live as their true selves and so their bodies feel good and healthy and connected.

And I am delighted.

True Massage Therapy begins to make changes:

These changes are different for everyone – I have no idea what will happen! It is the clients own take on the treatment.....will it change the way they move? The way and what they eat? The ways in which they express themselves? The kinds of activities they do?  The kinds of relationships they have?  The job they do?

My role is to:

  • Hear you
  • To reflect back
  • To give you space and time
  • And to find out what you DO want not what you don’t want
  • To give you the treatment you have asked for with the most effective & experienced massage touch I can.

What I do know and trust completely is that the changes that come are the right ones for you. 

And I am delighted for you.

And sometimes the only change you needed was an acceptance of your true self.

And I am delighted for you.



What my clients say

I look forward to each appointment. They are always the first thing to go on the calendar each month. I love the feeling I have when I have been and look forward to renewing that feeling each time I go.

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