I was experiencing long term physical problems and I had got as far as realising that they were bound up with emotional/psychological issues. I came to Victoria on the recommendation of a medical herbalist, initially for Emotional Freedom Technique to try and unravel some of my feelings and attitudes.

The issues or feelings I want to look at or talk about change, through time, though some things keep popping back up in new guises. It's really good to have a place I can go and explore them in very straightforward ways through the gentle power of touch.

Victoria provides a haven where I feel completely safe and unjudged. The sessions have helped me to achieve much more over the years than I would have otherwise and what's more they are just so enjoyable.

I look forward to each session from the moment I think of booking it. In that way it's like a holiday - I look forward to it, I enjoy it at the time and it sustains me for some time afterwards.

I often recommend others to come for sessions because I think Victoria has a lot to offer for so many problems. However I don't push it too much because I think it can be counter-productive - it's amazing how resistant many people are to trying anything new. Also I think we are quite a puritan lot and suspicious of spending money on something that could seem self-indulgent (though many of us spend money on all sorts of material things to make us feel better).

Victoria is a unique practitioner with a special, intuitive ability to tap into her huge reservoir of knowledge and experience, and apply it to help us with our ever-changing situations.   Female 58


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