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True Massage Therapy is the powerful connection of Massage Touch combined with Transactional Analysis (TA) communication principles to create Massage Therapy.

How does it work?

By learning to be clear about the type of massage you want & the outcomes you are aiming for, each session is about Connecting with yourself.

By saying how you want to feel, move & be seen, each session is about Empowering yourself.

By feeling heard & creating time and space for yourself, each session is about Nurturing yourself.

By learning to 'accept a massage', each session is about Receiving for yourself.

By taking the time to notice how you feel afterwards, each session is about Awareness of yourself.

In this way, the massage I offer is True Massage Therapy - massage that is true for you.  

If you feel that traditional talking therapies or physiotherapy type massage are not for you, but you feel that you need something to help you feel more comfortable in yourself, whether that is physically or emotionally, you may find that improving your connection with your body is the key.

Please read my website for more information - I hope it feels like you've found the right way forward for you. Best wishes, Victoria.

Clinic in Holmfirth, near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

What my clients say

I feel a bond with Victoria – she has known me through some of the biggest events of my life, and knows more about me and my feelings during those times than anyone else.  I appreciate the time for me, to give me space to relax and think or not think.

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