I first saw Victoria in 2009, I was pregnant with my 3rd child and I was suffering from hyperemesis (acute morning sickness). After my initial visit I was 100% converted to Victoria's method of treatment. I was not cured but I could function and was able to leave the side of the toilet!! After a few more visits I was feeling great.

The next time I saw Victoria was 2011 when I was pregnant again and this time suffering with SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction). I saw Victoria every other week during the last stages of my pregnancy and with her help I was able to stay mobile and have an amazing, very natural birth, everything I had wanted, but everything the midwives said I would not be able to have.

Having 4 kids is hard work and I was getting very run down. I decided I needed to do something each month just for me.
I could think of nothing better than spending an hour in a tranquil, beautiful, warm 'log cabin', over-looking stunning scenery, having a treatment of my choice and leaving the cares of the world behind.

After having child number 4 I struggled to cope. I felt I could deal with the day to day chores of running the house and looking after the children but I always felt I wasn't doing 'good enough'. I doubted my role as a mother and a wife and it came to a head when I was making myself physically ill with worry. After a battery of tests, hospital and doctors appointments I decided to talk to Victoria about this and we worked through my fears and doubts and had treatments tailored to how I was feeling that day.

The doctors told me I needed to stop "stressing" but instead of stating the obvious, Victoria helped me believe in myself and helped me become the 'good mum' I already was. 

Without Victoria's help I know I would still be ill, feeling I was never good enough.

I feel I have made a real break-through and I can live my life instead of being scared of it. I can deal with issues and problems a lot more efficiently and I am ready for the next challenge that lies ahead.

I still see Victoria monthly and can't wait to see what the New Year brings."  January 2013


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