I first went for a session because I was feeling pretty low and in need of some loving care, but I didn't feel the need, or the desire to see a counsellor, I just wanted to feel nurtured.

The sessions with Victoria are more than just massage for two reasons:

Firstly, because of her strong belief in the connection between body, mind and spirit, she treats the whole person; the initial talking at the beginning of each session can often be my only outlet for being open about what's happening in my mind and can release a lot of emotion which the subsequent massage works with.  Victoria's understanding of the need to express thoughts and emotions and her skill at listening is an important part of the process.  

Secondly,  the fact that I am able to design my own treatment (how fast, slow, deep, light, type of movements used) means that it feels like a massage that is done 'with me' rather than a conventional massage that is done 'to' me.  This means that I can have the massage that feels right for how I am feeling, both psychologically and physiologically.  

I often say that it's almost like a dance with her but I'm not sure that anyone who hasn't had a massage from her would understand that!

I'm still aware that I'm not quite 'in balance' yet.  My sessions with Victoria have helped me to accept that as part of who I am and as what's going on for me right now - rather than trying to push it away.  My sessions help me to remember that I need to take care of myself.  But even when I'm feeling fine, a massage from Victoria makes life even better!

I'd love to be able to go more often than I do.  I catch myself thinking "I'm so ready for this appointment, I'm glad it's just a few days away".  It's like a boost of vitamins or a shot of energy every month.

I recommend Victoria all the time! I've not come across anything else that addresses both the emotional and the physical in quite the way she does.  After a session with Victoria I feel like I've been cuddled up in a big soft duvet.

"I'm so glad that I discovered your treatments... it's been a huge help in getting me through some tough days and it makes the good days even better!"

Female 44


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