I first used to go and have reflexology treatments while I was pregnant with my 2nd baby but a couple of years after I started getting frequent migraines but I was also feeling very stressed with panic attacks. I was at dark point in my life and I didn’t want to mask my feelings with medication. I wanted to tackle it. 

My sessions with Victoria are not just about massage, I'm able to talk through the challenges I have and slowly work through them and understand how I can tackle them, we then use massage to be able to reconnect the feelings I have & I really feel this solidifies what we have talked about and releases stress. 

I have been seeing Victoria for over 4 years now, we all have ongoing challenges, I still attend the sessions because it keeps me balanced overall.

Sessions are very much an important part of my life. It's a commitment to myself , it takes a long time to understand yourself but also to understand your feelings about your challenges.  The sessions keep me balanced and keep me focused, it also gives me some discipline to give me some "me time" which I’ve learnt is very important.

I would absolutely recommend these sessions.  In fact I have told friends along the way. These sessions helped me through a very dark point in my life, I couldn't get through it on my own, I feel balanced and happy in life now, yes there are always obstacles in life but because I'm balanced I can tackle them one by one. 

When I try to explain these sessions to my husband or a close friend it's quite tricky, they can't seem to get the connection between talking about your feelings and then massage, they see them as two separate treatments, but they are not, they marry together perfectly one doesn't work without the other, you have to try it to understand it but then you have to stick with it to get the benefits.

Female 32  


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