I started going for sessions with Victoria through my wife recommending her to me (Probably because she was sick of me winging about my achy body !!) and thought I'd better start looking after my body due to the hammer it gets from the work I do.

I would describe the sessions as an hour and a half of bliss!! Where I can relax, explain exactly how I feel, physically and mentally and how I would like to feel once the session has ended.

I still come for sessions now as it's something for me to look forward to, exceptional value for money, eradicates many aches and pains I gain from doing a physical job and overall a very enjoyable experience.

Appointments are an important part of my life because they have taught me to recognise signals that areas of my body are in need of rest etc and also I'm no spring chicken! I need to be in good shape/limit injury to perform my tasks at work.

I would recommend (and have recommended ) others to have sessions because there isn't anything that I've suffered with, that she hasn't been able to help me with. Also, I've had numerous massages, not just in this country, and Victoria’s methods give me the best ever results due to the questioning of how I feel and how I would like to feel and also allowing me to structure the session based on how I feel at that particular time - no two sessions have ever been the same. 

I would say Victoria, you are a 'Bona Fide expert in your field' Male aged 33


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