A woman of a certain age lost her energy, passion and enthusiasm for life and was sad, for she had held these gifts in abundance for many years. 

She was making changes, as was nature, and had recently stopped working full-on and full-time, to pursue a longstanding goal of postgraduate study. 

She wasn’t in love any more and neither was he.

She was tearful and stressed with many physical symptoms emerging.

And then she found Victoria Robinson.

Victoria Robinson listened astutely and used healing massage and reflexology to bring the woman back into line with herself. Victoria gave her healing Bach Flower remedies to keep her strong between visits, and it worked. 

Gradually, the love and support, the healing energy and sanctuary that is Victoria’s treatment room in Holmfirth, worked its magic on the changing and changeable woman and she bloomed. 

She bloomed a vivid stream of life and love, art and poetry, research and learning, laughter and peace. 

Through Victoria’s skilful, persistent and tender interventions, she found herself, as strong as she had ever been and back in love with herself.

Victoria’s ability to read the body’s messages as requests for help is amazingly insightful. 

The woman recalls that one of the things she loved best about the treatments she received from Victoria was her ‘metaphor wisdom’. Victoria listened carefully to turns of phrase the woman used to describe her state of health and through this brought the woman to a deeper understanding of herself. The woman’s life as she had known it was upset, so why not her stomach too. The woman had indeed developed intolerances, but to what? 

Now, when the woman’s body gives her a gentle nudge, she knows how to listen and she can still hear Victoria’s voice in her head, saying, something like, ‘of course you feel like that, your body is trying to tell you ……..’

Reader, I know, because I am that woman


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