Practising Happiness

Practising Happiness

I've been remembering a conversation with a friend whilst I was visiting her this time last year.

I asked her why she had regular massages... and she said: 

"I'm practising happiness"

She went on to say that each time she had a massage she felt more connected to herself and fundamentally happier in her own skin.

I've heard loads of reasons for massage over the past 20 years of working, but I'd never heard it put so succinctly.

And it made me think that each of us has our own ways of connecting with ourselves and feeling happier. For some people its playing music, for some people it's walking alone on the moors, for some people its singing, for other people it's running, etc.

For most of us, there are layers of things that reconnect us to ourselves and help us on the path to happiness.

Quite often I've heard clients say that they will do that thing that they really love to do when.... and then they list a whole load of reasons why not to enjoy that thing now.

So, today's thought:  
If there is something that helps you feel happier in your own skin - do it now. Book it in, make it happen, go on the course, get the running shoes, paint the picture, learn to lindy hop, call your friend, whatever it is. 

But this is the key.... the message deeply in my friends words.... Practice.

For happiness is not something that we can do once and it'll just stay and hang out. We need to practice. Keep doing it. Get better at it. Getting better at happiness takes practice.

Doing something regularly that reconnects you to your own happiness is the key. And to not put it off until you are thinner, fitter, richer, more successful, less busy, earn more money or whatever it is that is stopping you.

Anyone who knows me know I love a good analogy.... and I think practicing happiness is like cleaning your teeth.  You don't expect that you can clean your teeth really well for one week a year and have great teeth. So why expect that saving your happiness practice for one weeks holiday, once a year is ok?

So, whatever it is that reconnects you to your joy.... I hope you allow yourself to do that. Regularly. And practice happiness for yourself.

For when you are happy, your joy and smiles lift others, light up the room and radiates out affecting everyone around you.

If you don't know what helps you feel happy - do something to reconnect you to your body.

I was given a lovely gift recently - a framed artwork with the quote:

"We can delude our minds and deceive our hearts

but the body sticks to the facts."

As for me. I'm dancing tonight. Practicing happiness!

Love Victoria.

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I feel so lucky to have found Victoria. She is an absolute god send. I hoped the massage would be good but I never expected it to be as wonderful as it was. I came away after an hour and a half feeling like a different woman physically and mentally.

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